Month: January 2017

On top of budgeting for this stuff, it’s also good to push back a bit

I have pushed back on my kid’s school about doing the sorts of fundraisers where the kids are urged to sell out of catalogs, and parents are urged to buy overpriced items, and the school gets some money and some company makes a big profit. We had one PTO parent selling “Melaleuca” and the school was getting SEVEN PERCENT! At least they didn’t try to get the kids to sell that particular thing

I urge everyone with kids to try to push back for fundraisers where the money actually goes to the school or sports team or whatever, and not half to some third party. Car washes, babysitting or petsitting, throwing a little kid’s carnival, yard sales, bake sales, craft sales… things where kids can actually put in some effort and the money collected is all kept.

Craft sales in particular can be a very low-budget way to make some money. For example, even little kids can *make* wrapping paper and greeting cards, with just a little adult supervision.

(don’t know how possible it is to push back on the military…)